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Other churches in Gibraltar

The only other Anglican place of worship on the Rock is the King's Chapel.

There are many other Christian churches in Gibraltar, and we maintain friendly relations with them. Here are links to some of them.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gibraltar has several places of worship: www.catholic.gi

Not far from us, The Church on the Rock meets at 297 Main Street.

The new Methodist minister for Gibraltar, Rev'd Conrad Hicks is currently holding services in our cathedral at 9am on Sundays, moving to 5pm in 2024. He may be contacted via the cathedral, using the email link below.

The Church of Scotland building can be found a little way up the rock from us, but the last services were held there in November 2022. The building has been sold, but the identity of the new owner is not yet known. The building was also the venue for New Life Church: www.newlifegib.com, but they now meet in the hall of the St John Ambulance organisation.

Cityline Church is also higher up the rock, on Hospital Steps. It was founded by a church in New York: www.citylinegibraltar.com

Two independent local churches each have premises in Wellington Front: Bethel Christian Fellowship www.bethelgib.com and Living Waters Church www.livingwatersgib.com

There is no Orthodox Church building on the Rock, but Russian Orthdox services are held on Saturday mornings in our cathedral from time to time, and Greek Orthodox services are held from time to time in various venues including the Roman Catholic Cathedral.

If we have missed anybody out, let us know!

Our Anglican family

On a worldwide scale, we are part of the Anglican Communion, with churches in 165 countries, grouped into 41 provinces. Depending on the density of churches, some provinces cover more than one country, and some countries have more than one province. See www.anglicancommunion.org.

Within that framework, we fall under the Province of Canterbury in the Church of England: www.churchofengland.org.

Within the Church of England, we belong to the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe, which serves nearly 300 congregations in over 40 countries: www.europe.anglican.org.

Within our Diocese, we are grouped with Anglican churches in Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and their islands, in the Archdeaconry of Gibraltar.