The Cathedral has a long and interesting history, told in detail in the booklet available in the Cathedral.

The prolific colonial architect Peter Harrison drew up a plan in 1740, which you can see here. Construction did not begin for another eighty years; and did not follow the plan in every detail.

For correspondence from Queen Victoria about the status of the Cathedral and City of Gibraltar, click here.

On this page we reproduce the memorial boards recording past Bishops and Deans. An obituary for Brian Horlock (Dean 1989-98) is here.

For a collection of old postcards depicting the Cathedral, click here

For photos of an historic procession click here

Historical material regarding the Mediterranean Mission to Seafarers is here.

For information about the Cathedral's Rock of Ages Campaign (2006-2011) see here

An older website for the Cathedral, from 2012, can be viewed here.

Information about the history of Gibraltar can be found on the website of the Gibraltar National Museum.