Cathedral charity shop

Open Monday to Friday
11am to 1pm

Our charity shop sells a variety of second-hand items - including clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, crockery and ornaments.

Profits help to support the work of the cathedral both locally and worldwide.

The entrance to the shop is on the east end of the building, facing Main Street.

Prices are very reasonable - as we like to keep the stock moving. We would prefer to sell three items at £2 each, rather than just one item at £5. Pop in and see what we have to offer this week...

Fresh donations of saleable items are welcome whenever the shop is open, but for safety reasons donations should not be left outside, or in the cathedral.

Thank you for giving, and thank you for buying!

Please note that the shop is usually closed throughout August, re-opening in September after National Day; it also closes between Christmas and New Year.