Music at Holy Trinity

The gift of music!

Music plays an important part in the life of our church community, and in the life of the wider community of Gibraltar.

We are blessed with excellent resources: our building with wonderful acoustics, our choir and our organ.

Concerts coming up this year...

Wednesday 26th April 2023 -
Charity concert with the Calpe Band
Details to be confirmed.

Monday 5th June -
Handel's Messiah
Details to be confirmed.

Our choir

The Choir is comprised of individuals with diverse musical experience, but with a common purpose: to use their voices for the glory of God. The choir sings at our 11am service and for services on major festivals.

Click here to see our music lists for the coming weeks.

If you are interested in joining the choir, do contact us using the form below.

Visiting Singers - welcome!

If you are a visitor to Gibraltar (or nearby in Spain) and would like to sing with the Holy Trinity choir at the Sunday service (11am) you would be very welcome.

Our organ

The organ was built in 1880 by a London firm of organ builders, Bryceson & Ellis.

In 1952 it was moved from what is now the Lady Chapel to its present location on a musicians gallery above the west entrance.

In the early 1990s the organ was restored by Bower & Company with addition pipes added as part of a tonal enhancement scheme. The most recent restoration was carried out by Cooper & Co in 2017 where the instrument was thoroughly overhauled.

See technical details on the Bowers website.